ALAMAN is an importing company and interior architecture office which aims to put “imported wallpapers”, “wall panels” and “acrylic furniture” products of the most distinguished brands into service for most elite places in Turkey in addition to pleasant and modern “interior architecture” services which relieve living spaces.

Representative agency of COORDONNE, ORIGIN, ELITIS, NOBILIS, CURIOUS BOY, ARTICOR, LINCRUSTA, COMTE ROYAL, GIARDINI, DESIMA, DURO, APPLICO, APPLICO 2010, ALAMAN goes for varying its range of products and designs to be made with them by expanding its foreign connections day by day.

One of the famous designers Alex Turco is solution partner with ALAMAN which is the representative agency in wall panels and Acrila acrylic furniture.  

ALAMAN ensures all people to access these special products by its elite franchisees all around Turkey. 

ALAMAN Architecture Team which are expert in Showroom, Fair Stands, Shops, Hotels, House and Office Interior Architecture studies has specialized in creating difference, gaining optimum benefit with the planned cost and converting abstract images into concrete images with right material and labor, and innovative-modern solutions meeting needs completely in terms of respectively discovery, analysis, sketch and survey studies by starting with abstract concepts. In both living spaces and business world, limitless projects clench to this claim. 

Our primary duty is to raise the level of projects in which details and imagination are collated with products of elite brands.  

Thank you for your interest. 

ALAMAN İç Mimari ve İthal Duvar Kağıtları